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This obsession with flavor is Chef Charlie’s personal philosophy; and is shared by his team. Back in 1999, the whole idea for CBCI was sparked by Chef Charlie’s life-changing decision to create a different kind of food consulting company– a company that was a pure blend of his fiery passion for creating new flavors with his rigorous training at the Culinary Institute of America, and his whole-hearted devotion to the business of hospitality.


Great ideas come from many places. Leverage our team and resources to bring your brand to life in fun, inspiring, and interactive ways. We let you play with your food, experience new tastes, and inspire you along the way. We lead your team in exploring consumer behavior, flavor trends, gaps in the market, or your product line. Curated visits to local on-trend restaurants and concepts in the cities of your choice will also provide your team with new perspectives. This inspiration sparks rapid ideation and innovation sessions that lead to new developmental concepts to fill your new product pipeline.


Rooted in Culinary Innovation, our nimble team of chefs brings their passion for food and culinary solutions to your team. They are constantly inspired to create gold standard recipes that are operationally feasible, delicious, and delightful to your target consumer. We become integral members of your internal development team and bring cutting edge sharp focus on your goals.


Our talented team of food scientists and culinologists support your needs to take your new idea beyond the gold standard recipe stage. Working with our culinary team to stay true to the target, we source bulk ingredients, develop processing-ready formulas, and support pilot line or plant testing for your new products. Our team can assist with setting up shelf life testing, sensory analysis and provide your team with nutritional labeling information. We also excel at analyzing competitive products and reformulating your current products for improvements such as cleaner ingredient labels or a more cost-effective execution. We can train your teams in the critical specifications for your new products and how to evaluate them for consistent high quality.


Craveable flavors need differentiated marketing. We support your teams and ensure that your brand comes to life with your targeted audiences (internal and external). We know that great ideas fail without a structured approach. Therefore, our team makes it easy for your team to focus on marketing execution by creating the building blocks for your brand strategy, from images to content strategy. Choose to receive playbooks and execute them yourself, or let our team bring your marketing program to life across your platforms.


We know that sometimes even the best ideas fail because there is little structure and focus to ensure alignment for implementation. Our team will create easily executable training programs and merchandising strategies. We will assure that hand-offs between teams and departments are fluid, and goals are defined and aligned. As a result, your goals will be achieved through customer-facing teams fully trained on products and sales strategies.

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